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How To Challenge Your Whole Body With A 10 Minute Body Weight Workout

Whether it’s ditching fat, gaining muscle or generally improving stamina, the biggest challenge for a lot of people is actually committing to the goals they set. Within the world of workouts, we call this ‘adherence’, in simple terms we mean how well you do in staying with a training program for enough time to see the benefit.

Building muscle and seeing health results can even be achieved by sticking to a workout plan that was pretty poorly designed. It’s much more beneficial to stick to a poor workout design over a long period of time, than to perform a brilliant workout for one day only.

This simple truth is something that many people don’t take into account when they are planning to improve their physical health. Many times, their plan will be to work out for five days per week, an hour at each session. That is a massive challenge if you are already feeling pretty beat from work and everyday life. Don’t forget, in those five hours you likely haven’t accounted for traveling to the gym, getting changed, taking a shower and so on.

This is when a bodyweight workout really comes into its own. Especially when you know that you can work out every part of your body within a 10 minute workout session that can be performed pretty much anywhere. So you can complete it as soon as you get up or before taking your shower. If you just hate unnecessary laundry, then train in your boxers. So there you have it, now your routine is a simple 10 minutes, surely no one should have an issue with sticking to that.

So what is the workout like? Here you go, this is it:

1, 2, 3 – And You’ll Work Everything

The workout is based on three exercises that work to train every part of the body, as well as getting in some cardio. Here are the three exercises:

  1. – Pull Ups
  2. – Press Ups
  3. – Jumping Squats

Each exercise needs to be performed until you reach failure, then without taking a break, you go right on to the next exercise. Once you have completed the jumping squats you can take a one minute rest stop, then start the routine again from the start, until you have completed 3 sets. Overall it should take you between 10 and 15 minutes.

Since this workout is like a mimic version of PPL (Push, Pull, Leg), used by bodybuilders, it works each of the major muscles in the body. The lats, abs and biceps are worked out by the pull ups. Shoulders, triceps and pecs get their workout from the push ups. Then the jumping squats provide the whole lower body with a workout, as well as giving you a cardio boost.

Don’t be fooled though; you’re not going to have huge muscles to admire after one day of performing this workout. What it can do is rid you of fat and work to create more toned muscles. For real muscle training, however, you need to commit yourself to using heavy weights and performing a slower routine that requires a longer training period.

So to get into a good workout habit, this routine is a great place to start. You can also use it when you don’t have the time to go for a full workout.

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